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One of Sirius' favourite passtimes, along with girls and Quidditch, was sitting upside down. He didn't know why he enjoyed it so much. He had always just liked sitting upside down. Today, he was sat with his head dangling off the side of the bed, his back on the bed, and his legs in the air. He could feel the blood rushing to his head. Strangely, he quite liked this.

No one ever said that Sirius Black was normal now, did they?

James entered the dorm, struggling with the five thick books he was carrying. He dropped them all onto his own bed and then turned to look at Sirius. He raised an eyebrow at his upside down friend, and then shook his head.


James turned to face Sirius as he heard his name.

"James- have you ever hugged a girl and your face has just been...y'know...right there in her breasts?"
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