Josey (lovable_trouble) wrote in go_marauders,


Her entire body was tingling! She couldn't help but think about her and Frankies last encounter together. There was no....y'know....under the cover action or anything, don't get me wrong! Standing for a while, then on top the covers for a bit, but that was it! It was all kissing, which is fantastic in itself, but the opening of a few shirt buttons here and there, and ties on the floor maybe, led to a brief touchy feely moment, which made her giggle.

But now, she had to do homework. Frank had gone off to do some head-boy duties, after already fufilling one for the day, so Alice was left alone in the commonroom, surrounded by games of Wizards chess and even more homework. She was sitting at a small table, in the corner near a window, and was scanning the room constantly for any trouble makers. Lucky for her, the biggest one came over and saved her the trouble.

"What do you want?"
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